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Welcome to World Nation Sim a free to play political simulation where players can register as leader of a country and perform the actions of a real life Head of State, including managing domestic affairs, the economy or even diplomatic visits and war!

The game is mainly played on the forums where players perform actions, speeches and read the news, but this site is important as well, because this is were you can sign up to the game, find info and maps!

There is also an out of character forum for members to chat while not role-playing. As well as the general boards including the OOC forum and actions, news and speeches, there are private boards for peacekeeping bodies such as NATO, United Nations, EU, Arab League and many more. 

We also give players the chance to write their own biased news in the "Player Run Media" forum which will have an effect on popularity rates and diplomacy, so choose wisely before you make cheap digs at your enemies or you could be up against a whole army of nuclear weapons!

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